HIV Tests At Home

HIV is the first stage of AIDS and since most people don’t experience any symptoms during this stage, they are unaware that they are infected and can therefore infect others. The only way to know that you are infected when you are still experiencing the Human immunodeficiency virus stage, is to get tested at your local clinic or ask you psychic

However, if you are tested before your immune system starts to respond to the virus, you will test negative for the disease. The reason for this is because when your immune system starts to weaken due to this virus, it begins to produce antibodies. When you are tested for HIV, the test searches for these antibodies in your blood, when the antibodies are not present, the test will rule you negative for the virus.

Other than the fact that you are Human immunodeficiency virus positive and falsely told that you are negative for the disease, you are able to unknowingly infect others and therefore spread the disease. There are three main ways to become infected with this Human immunodeficiency virus. These include sex with an infected partner, sharing needles with an infected person, or being conceived and delivered from an infected mother.

Over one million Americans are currently living with HIV or AIDS. However, the statistic that is even a harder one to swallow is the fact that about a quarter of those people don’t even know that they’re infected.

It is a very difficult decision for someone to go to the doctor in order to be tested for Human immunodeficiency virus. If positive might be a good idea to do a psychic phone reading. The first issue is that most are embarrassed, there’s is a reason that you are worried that you might be HIV positive and it may be hard to admit that you put yourself in a bad situation.

Another issue you might have is the fear of the results. It’s almost as if you would rather go on with your day, even if you are HIV positive, clueless because it allows you to ignore it and not deal with the consequences of your actions.

However, in most cases, it is the shame and the feeling that all eyes are on you. You may be a person that has an issue with needles, or blood. An Human immunodeficiency virus test that tests for antibodies in your blood may be intimidating and since it’s an option, it’s an easy subject to avoid.

However, if you are sexually active with more than one partner, or exclusive to a partner that has had previous partners, it is imperative that you are routinely tested for Human immunodeficiency virus. Fortunately, if the above-mentioned fears apply to you, Orasure is absolutely for you.

Orasure is an at home test for those sexually active individuals who are too embarrassed to go to the doctor to get tested. Orasure is not a test like the ones provided at the doctor, which may take up to a week to get results.

The only thing worse than actually getting tested is the waiting period and the wondering and the restlessness that comes with pending results. Orasure is a rapid test with immediate results so you are not waiting around for days. You can ALSO check out THESE brands as well:

Aware – HIV test can be done in the comfort of your own home. Aware is a single-use, over the counter product used to detect anti-bodies in your immune system that indicate an HIV positive diagnosis. Aware does not require blood, only bodily fluids to perform the test. Unlike in-house clinical tests, Aware can offer you results in 20 minutes after completing the test.

Oraquick – is another alternative for at home testing. Oraquick can be performed without blood or needles, just bodily fluids and can be conducted orally. Oraquick, unlike other methods, can use blood also to conduct it’s testing. Oraquick only requires about one drop of blood from a prick in your finger and can produce results in as little as 20 minutes to an hour.

Truvada – is an anti-HIV drug in the nucleoside reverse transcriptase inhibitor (NRTI or “nuke”) family and is always given in combination with other anti-HIV drugs.

For those who are terrified of needles and blood, Orasure is answering your troubles with a non-invasive diagnostic tool that doesn’t use needles or lancets. The most reassuring aspect of Orasure is that it is FDA approved and is the only at home test that is legally allowed to be sold in the United States.

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