Some Facts About HIV

One of the most tragic issues about the Human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) is the lack of credible information and genuine understanding that most of us seem to have about the disease. As a result, we leave ourselves exposed to either acquiring the disease, or alienating and stigmatizing those who do have it.

There have been laws passed specifically designed to prevent the stigmatization and discrimination of people who have HIV positive status; however, these laws have not been totally successful in tackling the issue. It would seem that a more holistic approach is required in order to not only raise awareness about the issue so that people can be proactive in preventing it from arising, but also to ensure that they can treat people so infected with sensitivity and compassion. With that lofty objective in mind, let us now consider the following facts about HIV.

HIV Is Only Passed Through the Transmission of Bodily Fluids
HIV can only be passed from a person who already has the infection to another person through the sharing of bodily fluids. If weight is an issue look at amazon for phen375. Therefore, shaking hands with a HIV positive person will not cause the infection to develop. Nor will hugging, kissing or sitting on the same seat of a HIV positive person result in the spread of the virus.

There has been some controversy concerning the right of HIV positive people to then share communal, public facilities such as swimming baths, public toilets and even cutlery in a restaurant and fears were raised that there could be the possibility of the disease spreading. Thankfully, such worries have been proven to be totally unfounded.

Life Expectancy of HIV Sufferers Has Increased
Thanks to the dedicated and committed efforts of medical professionals and researchers across the globe who have worked tirelessly to study the HIV virus, HIV sufferers are now living longer than ever before. In addition, thanks to the remarkable and radical breakthroughs made in the medication commonly used to treat the disease, this has meant that the quality of life of the sufferers has also improved greatly. Sadly, there is no cure for the disease as of yet, and it would seem that the progress made thus far is not quite advanced enough for that level of accomplishment.

AIDS and HIV Are Different Things
A common mistake committed by members of the general public is that they confuse HIV and AIDS together, lumping them as if they are the same thing. HIV is the stage before the development of AIDs is the final, inevitable outcome of a HIV sufferer.

Practice Safe Sex to Avoid HIV
By ensuring that you always practice safe sex by means of using a condom, you will effectively eliminate the chances of the HIV virus actually spreading any further. Indeed, studies have proven that HIV positive people can safely have sexual intercourse with a non-infected partner without having to worry about their negative status partner acquiring the disease simply by using a condom. Simple, yet so effective, what is the harm of using it?

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